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Switch wo Osu Toki Starring Koide Keisuke and Mizusawa Erena

July 15, 2011

Mizusawa Erena has her first starring role in the upcoming movie, Switch wo Osu Toki. Does she sound unfamiliar? Well, some might know of her from TBS‘s drama adaption of the popular movie, Koizora. Koide Keisuke is also starring alongside Mizusawa. Let’s not forget who else is in it: Sano Kazuma, Atae Shinjiro from AAA, Taiga, Sakamoto Shogo, Kanno Rio, Fukushi Seiji, Suzuki Sawa, Ogura Hisahiro, Tanaka Tetsushi, and Nishimura Masahiko. Quite the list. The movie is to be released on September 17.

The story revolves around a government-sponsored project aimed at determining the causes of suicide. 10 young boys and girls are held in captivity and pushed to their limits, with the option of pressing a “switch” that would result in their own death. After 7 years, only 6 of them, including a girl named Masami (Mizusawa), have retained their will to live. However, a mysterious man named Minami (Koide) is newly assigned as one of the observers on the project, and he becomes another obstacle in their battle to survive.

Switch wo Osu Toki is based on the novel of the same title by Yamada Yusuke. The novel had an drama adaption starring Narumiya Hiroki. It also had astage play that starring Nagayama Takashi.

{Source: TokyoGraph}


Usagi Drop Expects Release in August

July 13, 2011

Well, Yumi Unita’s manga Usagi Drop has received the live-action treatment starring  Kenichi Matsuyama and Ashida Mana. Remember what I mention last summer? It is scheduled to be released in theaters August 20, 2011. To refresh your memories, the plot is that Daikichi (Kenichi) is a thirty year old who becomes the guardian of Rin (Mana), the illegitimate six year old daughter of his grandfather. Karina is also starring in Usagi Drop, I am assuming she is playing Daikichi’s love interest.

Aside from the live action movie, Production I.G has started running their anime adaption of the manga on Fuji TV which started July 8. So fans have both the anime and the movie to look forward to! For those interested in watching the anime, Cruchyroll has licensed the anime. Now I need to go read the manga and watch this anime!

Before I forget, here is the trailer for the movie, which is not subbed:


Welcome Aboard,!

April 8, 2011

Now, I heard about this due to an announcement that DarkUmagon had made on DramaCrazy.

His friend has launched a site,, a while ago. Users are able to have a list of all dramas and movies ranging from Japan, South Korea, China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. Now as the title of the site hints, you can create lists for dramas and movies. There are 5 lists that you can put each drama or movie in: currently watching, completed, plan to watch, on-hold, and dropped. I admit, I actually do this on my Microsoft Word, but now, there’s no need for it now!

Wait, the site doesn’t end there. You can also write your reviews for these dramas and movies. The reviews can be in-depth, but must not include any spoilers, and even provides categories to rate the movie and/or drama: story (overall plot), acting/cast, music, rewatchable value, and overall. The scale ranges from 1 – 10, 1 being the lowest rating and 10 the highest. Before submitting your review, you must tell how many episodes you have watched for each drama. Finally, the users can choose if the review was helpful or not. Here is an example, I submitted for the fantastic Orange Days (click for better view):

Adding actors, actresses, movies, and dramas is created by users who are registered on the site. It goes through administration after it’s submitted. So far, I added a page for Kanno Miho and have just submitted one of my favorite Japanese movies, Swing Girls. There is also a feature that I love, a recommendation list for dramas or movies which is also added by users.

There is a forum section as well to discuss with other users, you can add users as friends, and visit their profiles to see their drama and movie stats. You can see the movies and dramas you both are watching or have watched. Let’s not forget, you can leave comments on each other pages.

MyDramaList is a fantastic way to interact with other Asian drama and movie lovers! I hope it grows as time goes by because this site has great potential! So check out the site and spread the word!


Japan Flix: Japanese Movies Online

January 29, 2011

Yesterday, a New York/Tokyo based production company called TK Digital has launched Japan Flix. Japan Flix is a digital distribution venture that makes never-before-released Japanese films available for the first time in the United States. Takayama Teru, the founder and president of TK Digital and Japan Flix says:

There are so many great films made each year in Japan, that never get a chance to find an audience who otherwise would not have access to them.

Japan Flix offers a highly convenient distribution method for the movies, as each of their releases will be available to download through iTunes Store, and in HD when it is available. The site enables viewers to browse through catalog that include information and trailers for each film. Japan Flix has began with a number of titles, including AKB48‘s Oshima Yuko in the hit horror movie Teke Teke as well as the popular horror franchise Tomie franchise, Tomie vs Tomie, which is the photo above. Japan Flix  will be followed by new releases every month.

On their Twitter account, they have replied to users on their plans for the future. They plan to use other outlets aside from iTunes in the future and have discussed having J-Dramas on their site!

As far as I can tell, it seems that these movies are not dubbed, but have English subtitles. Hopefully, they will have online streaming for members in the future. If they add J-Dramas, that would be golden for J-Drama addicts such as myself. Check out Japan Flix official website and spread the word!

{ SOURCE : Japan Zone }


Koukou Debut Movie Trailer

January 27, 2011

Oh. My. Mizobata Junpei is looking flawless! As some of you may know, popular manga Koukou Debut, or High School Debut, was announced as a live-action movie adaption last September. Koukou Debut was created by manga artist Kawahara Kazune and the movie will be released April 1, 2011. The movie will star debuting actress Ohno Ito and Mizobata Junpei.


Paradise Kiss Starts to Tease

January 12, 2011

That video. The one up there. That’s the teaser for Paradise Kiss. Remember back last August when I mentioned Yazawa Ai‘s Paradise Kiss will be made into a live-action movie starring Kitagawa Keiko and Osamu MukaiWell, the Japanese film site, Movie Collection, has uploaded the first teaser for Paradise Kiss to their YouTube Channel. For those anticipating to watch, Paradise Kiss will be released sometime in May of this year.

{ SOURCE: NipponCinema, Movie Collection JP }


Byakuyako Cast at Tokyo Internal Film Festival

October 29, 2010

The 23rd Tokyo International Film Festival started last Saturday, as actors and directors from around the globe showed up on the ‘‘green carpet’’ laid down in the capital’s Roppongi district. Horikita Maki attended alongside her co-stars from “Byakuyako“, Kora Kengo and Funakoshi Eiichiro. “Byakuyako” was screen on Monday, October 25 and is to run till October 31, this coming Sunday. Check out a few more snap shots of Horikita Maki, Kora Kengo, and Funakoshi Eiichiro after the cut! Read the rest of this entry ?